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Ever since the Ashley Madison hack in 2015, cheating websites have had a difficult time. Not only do these sites not get the media coverage they use to, many of them aren’t spending the marketing dollars as they use to. As a result, what you see are less qualified men and qualified real women using cheating websites. While some might dip their feet, many are committing to these cheating sites as they use to in the past. It seems that is about to change with a sugar baby site that is out of beta with SugarSearch.com

What is SugarSearch.com

On the surface, Sugar Search is more than a sugar baby site. The sites markets itself to “Find You the Ultimate Arrangement”. When you do some digging, you’ll find that they not only cater to sugar baby sugar daddy relationships, but they cater to affairs & discretion quite openly. You never see a sugar baby site do this. Generally you’re a cheating website or your a sugar daddy site, you’re never both. Thing is, it makes sense. Most men who are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement are married or in a relationship. It should come across as a no brainer, but most often , the simple things are.

Lets go a step further. The premise of a mutually beneficial arrangement is for two people (sometimes more) to communicate what they’are looking for in their arrangement. When it comes to someone looking for an affair, most often than not, that married individual is hiding that he/she is married. This is a HUGE mistake that more often than not comes back to bite you. Since the key for a successful arrangement is communication, while the reverse of a an affair is scared to tell anyone, Sugar Search is catering to a true need in the marketplace.

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