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When it comes to hurricanes, we all know the power of these natural disasters. Take a look at Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, and you will see some devastating footage. In addition to hearing horrible stories, everyone around the country becomes glued into media to get constant updates.

Truth is, all natural disasters bring us closer together. The flip side to this that is never discussed: hightened tension. When tension is running high, arguments and fights occur. All those “good guys” that would never cheat on their wives are now brought the point that they will. Remember, with chaos comes opportunity. In this case, spending so much tense time with your wife and family will actually have you want to fill a void. Realizing you’re in a sexless marriage is one thing, but when you find yourself constantly fantasizing about ┬áit, you just need an extra nudge to get you there.

Be warned however. Once you have your first affair, one of two things will happen. You will be so hooked on the rush and fulfillment that an affair brings, that you will constantly be looking for the affair – kinda like a high. On the flip side, you can feel so guilty that you had this affair that you’ll wind up confessing to your spouse. We all know the “natural disaster” that can bring.

So while you’re past the hurricane of Harvey and Irma to a degree, remember that crossing that affair lines can change you . If you believe you are ok with that, then be sure to be smart and discreet with your choices. Use cheating sites like Ashley Madison, use fake email addresses that you don’t access on your phone, and use a number other than your cell to give out.

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