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It’s no secret that cheating sites have had quite the roller coaster ride. When Ashley Madison got hacked in the summer of 2015 (can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years ago!), cheating sites got put onto the national radar in a gigantic way. While the methods & hack brought a significant amount of negative light on the scene, it also brought in awareness that many didn’t know existed. Men & women from all walks of life, from the wife next door to powerful politicians & celebs, were going to discreet dating sites to find an affair. Fast forward to 2019 & you are seeing a growth of cheating sites in a very different light. With the up and comer NoStrings.com onto the scene, you are seeing a new twist in the cheating landscape.

NoStrings.com Reviews

The tagline for NoStrings.com is “Because every lasting marriage needs an affair”. Kinda ballsy but it you think about it, every relationship or marriage gets to a point where the sex life diminishes. Unfortunately in our society, the truth behind this topic is never discussed. The media will report the engagement, the affair, the divorce. It will not discuss what led to the divorce. 95% of the time, couples simply aren’t having sex anymore. I’m not just talking about your 75 year old parents, I’m talking about couples in their 30s and 40s. Read that again, 30s and 40s! That is insanely too young to not have sex anymore.

There are thousands of reason why couples stop having sex. What needs to happen is an open and direct conversation. What you’ll find, believe it or not, is that it’s ok to stray from your partner. The tricky part, do you tell them or not. Now, if you’re in a sexless marriage & you have a discreet partner, you’re in a better mood. If your partner finds out, she might be incredibly angry or hurt. But , if the marriage is sexless, will it doom your marriage? It won’t be the fact that you had an affair, it’s that she didn’t know.

So enter in NoStrings.com. It’s part of the Adult Friend Finder network of sites which has the absolute largest database of cheating spouses out there. By having direct access to partners looking for discretion, you are not only increases you chances, but you’re finding someone that understand EXACTLY what you’re going through. By valuing discretion, you’re able to have an affair of a lifetime!

How Much Does NoStrings.com Cost?

Everyone knows that discretion doesn’t come for free. In fact, can you trust discretion if it there isn’t a cost to pay? The access to discreet partners is invaluable when you consider the consequences. If you’re looking to be a paid member of NoStrings.com, you can get memberships as low as $25 with unlimited messaging. That’s key here as many cheating sites charge you by credits, even if that person on the other side does not reply (or isn’t even a real woman!).

Will I Hookup on NoStrings.com?

Like any encounter, it all comes down to access to the right partner at the right time. By having access to the largest database of women looking for discretion, your upside is huge. Having an accurate profile & being upfront with whom you’re communicating with is key. From there, anything from emotional to physical encounters can happen in no time.

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