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Various financial news outlets discussed Ashley Madison’s parent company to file an IPO in London. On initial look, the general masses will be upset that an “adultery” company even exists. Add to the fact they have approx 115 million in revenue and have a proposed evaluation of 1 billion dollars will drive certain men and women bonkers. Noel BIderman, CEO of Avid Life Media, can provide you a counter argument on every single negative component you can mention about this top ranked cheating website. Instead of looking at the argument, let’s pull a Mr Wonderful on Shark Tank and tell you how you will make MONEY.

Ashley Madison IPO
Ashley Madison IPO

What you have here is a growth company that is quoted as being profitable. For a dating company that’s incredibly tough. Strip out Match & eHarmony, you’re left with very few. Ashley Madison gets most over their revenue from North America, but expect Asia to represent 50% of their revenues in the next 5 years. Think about that. If they conquer that market like they did the US & Canada, that’s an extremely conservative assessment.

With explosive growth in Asia, it’s no surprise that the demand for constant and growing returns is there on the financial side. Sure North America might be too timid for such a thing, but a return is a return.

Adding to this are some of the non Ashley Madison brands. Cougar Life with those constant jingles .

So before you knock an Ashley Madison IPO, remember that infidelity has occurred since the beginning of time. This company, has found a way to profit off if it. Now you can too. No brainer!

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