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It is safe to presume that the percentage of cases where married men cheat on their spouse is increasing. It is also safe to assume that more married women are cheating today than the married woman of 10 years ago. There are several reasons for the uptick, one in which is easy access to discreet affair sites such as Ashley Madison. Below are 3 key areas on what married women are cheating now more than ever.

  • Boredom
    This occurs in marriages where spouses have careers they uphold. It is the same mundane routine daily. They each get up early, take care of the kids, rush to the office, face the rough and tough world, return home tired and there is no one to talk to and give the emotional support. This is one of the reasons why some married men cheat on their partner.
  • Cheating is no more a shame
    perfidy is as modern as the latest technology. Unlike the more careful and controlled men and women of the old, they are no longer concerned about what others think. They boldly do what pleases their senses. As it is today, nobody would like to miss out on having an extra marital affair.
  • Desire for emotional support and intimacy
    some men claim they cheat because they search for emotional connection. They want to bond with someone who is listening, caring and supportive.
    Gone are the days when the infidelity carried a big public stigma. It is welcome by many. For women, there have been huge societal shift; married woman spends quite a huge number of hours in the company of male colleagues at the office than with her husband. Under these conditions, it is bound to develop further into an extra marital affair.

Remember that a bored married woman today is looking for that emotional and physical connection. While many are looking for this in a man, you will also see an uptick in married women seeking ¬†women. Not the ideal scenario for guys here, but be reminded that a married woman has multiple needs that are neglected. If you’re able to appeal to more than one need, your chances of getting a discreet affair increase dramatically.

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