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Single women look at dating a couple different ways, so do married cheaters. There has been this society shift in which married cheaters dating single women is ok now. In order to really grasp this, you need to look at this from both sides.

Married Cheaters Dating Single Women

Single Woman’ POV

Whether you’re looking for love, lust or anything in between, single women have tons of options. Where things get interesting is “anything in between”. Essentially, there are tons of single women that will get paid to date. No I don’t mean anything illegal or scandalous, but these women will allow themselves to earn money or benefits in order to date certain men. If you look at it from this standpoint, married cheaters dating single women is an ideal group of guys that will pay many for discretion. It’s exactly way married cheaters flock to discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison to get the discreet encounter they’re after. Additionally, it’s exactly why single women look to cheating websites to get paid to day

Married Man’s POV

Before passing judgement, you need to understand the point of view. When it comes to a married man, there are several reasons why he decides cheating is the best answer for him. I’m not here to debate why this is right or wrong, but ultimately, it’s s decision he feels is in his best interest. This married man also knows cheating comes with some dire consequences if he gets caught. This is precisely why married cheaters dating single women is an ideal spot. These men have no issues paying for discretion, while these single women have no issues benefiting from the discretion.

So there you have it, the amount of cheater out there who are married & looking to date is bigger than you think. While the term date is used loosely, this comes across more as a mutually beneficial arrangement with a cheaters benefit.

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