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break_up_with_HimIt seems like with the down economy, divorces are dropping, but one trend that’s climbing is married affairs.  In fact, you might be surprised that lots of couples choose to have this kind of affair and they are actually quite happy in their current situations.  Yep, turns out that in this world of “modern marriage” lots of couples are choosing to have affairs.  So, how does it work and is everyone involved a happy participant?

In some cases, married affairs are more about maintaining the current relationship while gaining much missed sexual satisfaction.  In other cases, this type of affair has more to do with a desire and need to escape a situation that has gone bad.  While there are many affairs that go on when a relationship has hit the skids, so to speak, we’re going to focus on the affairs that go on in good marriages.

Lots of people have different needs and desires.  They feel like there is something that they want sexually, which their spouse might not be willing to provide.  Instead of feeling resentment and a lack of satisfaction with the relationship they do have, many spouses choose to have married affairs.  Why?  It helps to keep the relationship good and both parts happy, and allows the spouse with the different needs to get what they want as well.

Take fetishes for instance:  if you’re into S&M, but your spouse isn’t, you might not feel like asking is a good idea.  You’re married and you’re happy – except for this.  However, you have a fetish, which is hard to control.  So, do you let your relationship and happy life fall apart because of what you can’t control, or do you try to discreetly take care of your needs?  Well, if you’re like lots of people, you choose to have a married affair, indulge your needs and get back to your spouse so you can both be satisfied and happy.

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