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When everything thinks of cheating, the natural reaction is men looking to cheat on their wives or vice versa. You’ll even thinking of married straight men looking to have a discreet encounter with another man. What many do not think about are married women looking to have discreet encounter with another woman. Why is that? Women have the same needs here and ultimately, they keep better secrets then men do. The reason for this is simple, married women are looking for that emotional and physical connection missing in their marriage. Sure, they can reach out to a female friend, but that’s simply not the same. Getting both the physical and emotional part out with another like minded female is growing all across the world.

W4W cheating sites are interesting, there really aren’t ones that explicitly market themselves as that. ¬†You have the cheating site leader of Ashley Madison, but you’ll never see any ads or PR mentioning this. For one, women won’t spend the money on the “fantasy” as men will. On the flip side, women are more serious. If a woman is down to actually looking for a w4w discreet encounter , that woman will ultimately find what she’s looking for. Men on these affair sites, a percentage of them, will only chat. Some simply won’t have the balls to pull it off. Again, just a percentage, not speaking to the majority here.

So what do married women do when they’re looking for a discreet w4w encounter? In short, they join all sorts of dating sites trying to find the relationship they’re after. Some will join lesbian dating sites, but tend to find these women are single – hence not able to connect on the emotional / mental level these women need. As a result, you’ll find these discreet married women looking for women on essentially any dating site. Your best results will be on these catering to cheating websites.

Cheating Websites

Let’s face it, millions of men and women were sweating for months with the infamous hack that happened this summer. Everyone fell in love with the idea of a cheating website that would find you the affair of a lifetime, without you ever getting caught. All you had to do was pay them. Simple right? Well, let’s just say not even close.

There was a time, not that long ago, that having an affair was something no one talked about (go figure). With the media making it front and center, throwing in some celebrity cheats, you had the making of a huge juicy story. Fast forward to present day, cheaters are looking to be discreet now more than ever. The days of entrusting everything with a website are long gone. So what’s happened? Men and women looking to cheat have simply gotten smarter about it.

How Not to Get Caught Cheating

Sure, we live in an online world. Everything’s digital. However, there are some low-tech old fashion ways of staying under the radar. For one, pre-paid debit cards. Add money onto a pre-paid card and never worry about that card being exposed. Or, using a PO box instead of a work or home address. Your address is now never exposed. Use a disposable number verses your actual or work number (same goes for email). These basics are all in your control, having nothing to do with a cheating website that could blow up your world.

So the ultimate lesson learned is to have a plan in place that has nothing to do a website or app. Pretend all the information your about to enter into a site was printed on the front page of your local newspaper. Or better yet, was emailed to your partner. Would they know it’s you? If not, you are good to enjoy the cheating site in a way you seem fit. If not, keep working on that discreet plan asap!

Cheating Websites