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It’s been quite the week for the parent company of Ashley Madison , Avid Life Media. Not only did they announce a new CEO and President, but they also confirmed a couple things. First, they confirmed that the FTC is investigating them. Additionally, they confirmed that the site used fembots. After getting notoriously hacked a year ago, it’s no surprise these revelations came out.

2017 Update: The new CEO & President mentioned in this original July 2016 article has been replace less than a year later.  You are starting to see Ashley Madison turn back to its roots with affairs & discreet dating. While the commercials below are very well shot, you more than likely will never see these commercials used again.

A Rebrand is Born for this Cheating Website

The move by the company is a smart one. First, they went ahead and redesigned Ashley Madison to a subtle looking cleaner site. They announced the dropping of their tagline “Life is Short, Have an Affair. It is being replaced with “Find Your Moment”. A bit more broad that the affair tagline, curious how this resonates with both existing members and new future signups.

The second rebrand occurred at the company level. Avid Life Media is replaced with Ruby Inc. To most, this won’t mean much. Other than when you do a search for Ruby Inc, you won’t see anywhere near the bad press as you did when you saw Avid Life Media.

The company also created 3 commercials. I have to admit, for such a controversial company, they made these very vanilla. What do you think?

Ashley Madison Commercials

Commercial 1 – a guy with a boring job at work meets crosses paths with a girl on the subway. They lock eyes , leaving your mind to wonder. I’m not a fan of this one.

Commercial 2 – a couple stuck in a boring marriage, what married couple doesn’t get that. She heads to a conference for work and her eyes lock with this attractive older man. This is by far my least favorite of the two.

Commercial 3 – Threesomes

Ok, by far my favorite. Another bored couple going through their mundane life. Together, they come across a woman that is interested in a threesome. In terms of rebranding, showing another side to a marriage, this by far was a home run in my eyes. I just can’t see many networks accepting this ad.

Cheating Websites

As the New Year is upon us, it becomes a time of reflection and the hopes of what’s to come. Everyone goes through it in various shapes and forms. Some will simply talk about it with some friends over drinks, while others seriously ponder what life changes they can make. Everything from careers to love interest is up for fair game.

cheating in the new year
cheating in the new year

When it comes to affairs and cheating, 2015 brings a unique challenge. You’ve might have heard that many couples have stayed together due to finances. It’s horrible to think about, two people now wanting to be with each other, but are given they can’t financially live apart. With the slight turn in the economy, you are seeing married men and women looking to partners outside of their relationships.

Cheating websites know that the growth in the infidelity space will continue to grow. So much so that you are starting to see a huge increase in marketing spend behind some of these large brands in the space.

My tip, if you’re going this route, be absolutely certain. Once you start, it will be VERY hard for you to go back to life prior to cheating sites.

Cheating Websites

If you look at generation over generation, the state of a marriage of changed. Think about your parent’s marriage, and their parent’s marriage. The woman stayed home, cooked and cleaned, many uneducated. Nowadays, women are very educated, in the work force in a major way. Back then, women stayed home and nurtured their children until they were 18+ years old. Now, once a baby turns 8 weeks old, a working mom needs to drop their newborn to child care in order to not lose her position within the work force. A result of all this shift in marriage dynamics is a huge drop in sexual relations between husband and wife.

It’s no surprise that sex in a marriage changes once you have kids. The part that compounds the negative effects of sex post children is now, the woman is a working woman. When she comes home, she’s as tired as the man. Still needs to take care of the children, cook dinner, house chores, etc. When the husband and wife now go to bed, 9/10/11pm, the thought of having sex is such an afterthought that it literally goes away.

Now what. You have two sexual beings NOT having sex with each other. The first order that occurs for  man is to look elsewhere for that release. The ones that try their best not to stray turn to porn. With the advantage of porn on mobile, tablets, and pc, a man will find time to dive into this fantasy. Since the actuality does not occur, the fantasy level increases. Hence porn being viewed at an all time high, right at the your fingertips, all for free.

Cheating and the Evolution of Marriage
Cheating and the Evolution of Marriage

The 2nd level involves these men going to strip clubs. This starts the cross over from fantasy to reality. 95% of strip clubs do not cross the line from fantasy to reality. However, it does lead to the next form of infidelity: massage parlors.

While it is illegal for a massage parlor to offer a happy ending in the US, it can be found very easily and VERY discreetly. If you look at the men that attend this establishments, you will see a high majority of them are married. Some will go to the next steps with backpage escorts; however, the high risk of STDs of a Backpage escorts have married men thinking twice before diving in.

This ultimately led to the dramatic increase in cheating websites. The reason cheating websites flourish is simple: evolution. While marriage still has its place in our society, it has done a lousy job of keeping both men and women sexually happy with each other. As a result, you see cheating websites such as Ashley Madison  continue to grow in immense popularity. With discretion being the #1 component for these men and women, it comes as no surprise that the evolution of marriage has brought this business to incredible heights.

Cheating Websites

When it comes to cheating on your spouse, is it seasonal. Does it increase in the summer? These details might surprise you.

Summer Flings and Affairs
Summer Flings and Affairs

On the initial look, we always heard the term summer fling. The thinking, a summer fling for an affair would occur rather easily. In actuality, this is not the case. More often than not, family summer vacations occur. With this, the time needed to find and nurture that potential affair isn’t there.

So when is that ideal time? Believe it or not, cheating websites flourish in September. Why? Quite simple. Kids go back to school, and men go back to work without any vacations for a few months. With a summer of being a “good boy”, the ability to have a full out affair sky rockets come the fall.

Labor Day never looked so much better right ?!?!?!

Cheating Websites

When it comes to cheating, we all know the importance of being able to cheat without getting caught. I’ve found it comes down to 5 main tactics.

1. Cell Phones – If you have a legitimate reason to have a 2nd phone for work (when I say legit, your partner believes you), this solves a HUGE issue. If you can not, I’d recommend to only give out a new disposable number that get’s forwarded to your cell

2. Passwords – Be sure to password protect all sorts of communication. Social media, phones, and emails. When it comes to having an affair, the wrong communication in your partner’s hands can get you big time.

3. Find partners that have as much to lose as you do. Cheating websites that we always mention here, Ashley Madison allows you to find partners that truly understand where you’re coming from.

cheat without getting caught
cheat without getting caught

4. Don’t give your partner suspicion that you’re cheating. You know your partner best, when you gut tells you she’s onto you, be sure to surprise her. Last minute weekend getaway, concert/show tickets, massage appointment. Anything that shows that you are thinking of her and willing to pamper her a bit out of the blue

5. Email Addresses – Try not to use you main personal email address, or your work one for that matter. Open up an entirely new account.

Cheating Websites