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When the Ashley Madison hack occurred about 2 years ago (crazy right, it was the summer of 2015), you would have thought that the cheating website was done. Thing is, as only a few predicted, this cheating site gained something that most brands would dream about – instant brand fame.

When it comes to branding, it takes a significant investment to be the brand that everyone knows – even it’s a brand you’ll never use. Now, when you have a cheating site, the percentage of people that could be a potential user is incredibly high.

So if you fast forward 2 years later, what happened? The cheating site removed its original CEO of Noel Biderman, then replaced him about 9 months later with President James Millership & CEO Rob Segal.  There’s been an FTC settlement, and an attempt to soften Ashley Madison. Let’s face it, you gotta call a spade a spade. Ashley Madison is and always will be a site catered around cheating and discretion.

Present day, Ashley Madison got rid of its generic “Find You Moment” tagline and replaced it with its original yet on point tagline “Life is Short, Have an Affair”. The CEO and President have been replaced (again), with various news sources pointing out that there are no bots being used.

What does that mean for a new Ashley Madison member? Well simply put, you have more women then ever that know about the affair site than ever before. You also have a high degree of intrigue considering all the celeb / politicians that were on the site. For instance, Josh Duggar is still making headlines surrounding his use of Ashley Madison.

If you’re going to use Ashley Madison today, just be smart about it.  Use a separate email address. Use a different cell phone number (many services are free here). Tread lightly then discover the amazing benefits a discreet relationship can have on your life.


Cheating Websites

Let’s face it, millions of men and women were sweating for months with the infamous hack that happened this summer. Everyone fell in love with the idea of a cheating website that would find you the affair of a lifetime, without you ever getting caught. All you had to do was pay them. Simple right? Well, let’s just say not even close.

There was a time, not that long ago, that having an affair was something no one talked about (go figure). With the media making it front and center, throwing in some celebrity cheats, you had the making of a huge juicy story. Fast forward to present day, cheaters are looking to be discreet now more than ever. The days of entrusting everything with a website are long gone. So what’s happened? Men and women looking to cheat have simply gotten smarter about it.

How Not to Get Caught Cheating

Sure, we live in an online world. Everything’s digital. However, there are some low-tech old fashion ways of staying under the radar. For one, pre-paid debit cards. Add money onto a pre-paid card and never worry about that card being exposed. Or, using a PO box instead of a work or home address. Your address is now never exposed. Use a disposable number verses your actual or work number (same goes for email). These basics are all in your control, having nothing to do with a cheating website that could blow up your world.

So the ultimate lesson learned is to have a plan in place that has nothing to do a website or app. Pretend all the information your about to enter into a site was printed on the front page of your local newspaper. Or better yet, was emailed to your partner. Would they know it’s you? If not, you are good to enjoy the cheating site in a way you seem fit. If not, keep working on that discreet plan asap!

Cheating Websites

Various financial news outlets discussed Ashley Madison’s parent company to file an IPO in London. On initial look, the general masses will be upset that an “adultery” company even exists. Add to the fact they have approx 115 million in revenue and have a proposed evaluation of 1 billion dollars will drive certain men and women bonkers. Noel BIderman, CEO of Avid Life Media, can provide you a counter argument on every single negative component you can mention about this top ranked cheating website. Instead of looking at the argument, let’s pull a Mr Wonderful on Shark Tank and tell you how you will make MONEY.

Ashley Madison IPO
Ashley Madison IPO

What you have here is a growth company that is quoted as being profitable. For a dating company that’s incredibly tough. Strip out Match & eHarmony, you’re left with very few. Ashley Madison gets most over their revenue from North America, but expect Asia to represent 50% of their revenues in the next 5 years. Think about that. If they conquer that market like they did the US & Canada, that’s an extremely conservative assessment.

With explosive growth in Asia, it’s no surprise that the demand for constant and growing returns is there on the financial side. Sure North America might be too timid for such a thing, but a return is a return.

Adding to this are some of the non Ashley Madison brands. Cougar Life with those constant jingles .

So before you knock an Ashley Madison IPO, remember that infidelity has occurred since the beginning of time. This company, has found a way to profit off if it. Now you can too. No brainer!

Cheating Websites

When it comes to cheating websites, the growth in popularity can be summed up in one word: desire. The reason of the growth is due to the real demand for men and women looking for these discreet outlets. If it wasn’t for true desires, these cheating sites would never growth.

Cheating Sites in Demand
Cheating Sites in Demand

Making matters ever more interesting is the amount of media coverage websites for cheaters receive. Think about it, you are seeing it everywhere now. There was a time you would never even discuss the partner you met online. Now, you’re bragging to your friends about this great girl/guy you met on the side.

While everyone has an opinion on this, the fact is these sites will continue to grow in a society where marriage is still relevant. It takes every ounce of a married man or woman to be truly faithful. Since you are fighting the urge to cheat on a constant basis, it’s no surprise that the demand is met through an online channel.

Cheating Websites