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When it comes to cheating on your spouse, is it seasonal. Does it increase in the summer? These details might surprise you.

Summer Flings and Affairs
Summer Flings and Affairs

On the initial look, we always heard the term summer fling. The thinking, a summer fling for an affair would occur rather easily. In actuality, this is not the case. More often than not, family summer vacations occur. With this, the time needed to find and nurture that potential affair isn’t there.

So when is that ideal time? Believe it or not, cheating websites flourish in September. Why? Quite simple. Kids go back to school, and men go back to work without any vacations for a few months. With a summer of being a “good boy”, the ability to have a full out affair sky rockets come the fall.

Labor Day never looked so much better right ?!?!?!

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