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When it comes to cheating, we all know the importance of being able to cheat without getting caught. I’ve found it comes down to 5 main tactics.

1.┬áCell Phones – If you have a legitimate reason to have a 2nd phone for work (when I say legit, your partner believes you), this solves a HUGE issue. If you can not, I’d recommend to only give out a new disposable number that get’s forwarded to your cell

2. Passwords – Be sure to password protect all sorts of communication. Social media, phones, and emails. When it comes to having an affair, the wrong communication in your partner’s hands can get you big time.

3. Find partners that have as much to lose as you do. Cheating websites that we always mention here, Ashley Madison allows you to find partners that truly understand where you’re coming from.

cheat without getting caught
cheat without getting caught

4. Don’t give your partner suspicion that you’re cheating. You know your partner best, when you gut tells you she’s onto you, be sure to surprise her. Last minute weekend getaway, concert/show tickets, massage appointment. Anything that shows that you are thinking of her and willing to pamper her a bit out of the blue

5. Email Addresses – Try not to use you main personal email address, or your work one for that matter. Open up an entirely new account.

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