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For as long as I could remember, married men always pretended to single when they had an affair. The largest issue with this is obvious – someone always gets hurts. If the single woman thought the single man is indeed married, she will cause his life hell. What married man wants that to happen.

Fast forward to a few years ago when men started loving to use cheating websites. Think, you could find a woman that was ok that you’re married and seeking to cheat. Awesome right! Only that most cheating websites never lived up to the ┬áhype. Everything from fake women and bots to affairs that never materialized. It seemed men seeking affairs were stuck. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Enter in sugar daddy sites.

Sugar daddy sites is exactly what it sounds like: older men seeking relationships with younger women. Well, this is how the original interpretation was. Now fast forward to the spring of 2018, men and women forming mutually beneficial arrangements. The largest upside to these arrangements is the up front communication. For men seeking affairs, this is incredible. The fear of their wife finding out goes away, all it takes is for you to form a mutually beneficial arrangement on a sugar daddy site.


Cheating Websites

When it comes to cheating sites, everyone assumes it’s simply some married guy who’s not getting some at home. So he decides he wants to have an affair. He goes on a cheating site like Ashley Madison, finds his partner, has his affair, cycle complete. What’s wrong with this picture? There are 4 main items wrong with this picture. Cheating websites use to be this hush hush topic. After the Ashley Madison hack and the growth of sugar daddy sites, all that hush hush is out the window. Now, there are several niche communities forming on these affair sites.

  1. It’s not all about guys. Hello, women have affairs too you know. If anything, the percentage growth of women having affairs beats men. Don’t be too shocked. Women have the same ease of access as they had before. Many of these women are successful moms who have the same struggles as married men. If anything, being a mom adds to their need of feeling like a sexy woman again
  2. Married women are having affairs with women. That’s right, not all women need to have an affair with a man. After all, who understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman more than another woman. On top of that, if that woman is married & a mom, watch out. The percentages skyrocket.
  3. Financial Domination – This is an area of affairs that is not spoken about. A submissive man (called pay pig) will have an online relationship with a dominant woman (domme). The pay pig will do everything is his power to please his domme, including payments called tributes. The domme will mentally and financially control the pay pig. This is growing so rapidly worldwide that you’re seeing mainstream media shows & movies cover it now more than ever.
  4. Mental Affair – Many times, guys just want to know that they could have an affair. Look at Anthony Weiner and that whole texting scandal. Men many times will have an online affair relationship, with no intention of meeting up in real life for an affair. The mental stimulation a man receives gives that man the satisfaction that a physical affair would not. For instance, most men carry a sense of guilt after having an affair in real life. Think about it, the moment the act is done, the man feels regret / remorse immediately afterwards. When it comes to having an online affair, all those negative emotions never exist

Cheating websites also have a way of allowing you to live out this alter ago. As I mentioned above, most men feel guilt after an affair. If they never had an affair and are simply fantasizing about it, the leap to actually doing it very tough. Don’t get me wrong, temptation is everywhere & we are all human. Ultimately, it’s about getting the satisfaction you need without having the dire consequences. What the Ashley Madison hack taught everyone looking for discreet relationships is to cover your track. Now, men and women are approaching cheating sites from a protective standpoint, verses going all in with the wrong head!

Cheating Websites

As the New Year is upon us, it becomes a time of reflection and the hopes of what’s to come. Everyone goes through it in various shapes and forms. Some will simply talk about it with some friends over drinks, while others seriously ponder what life changes they can make. Everything from careers to love interest is up for fair game.

cheating in the new year
cheating in the new year

When it comes to affairs and cheating, 2015 brings a unique challenge. You’ve might have heard that many couples have stayed together due to finances. It’s horrible to think about, two people now wanting to be with each other, but are given they can’t financially live apart. With the slight turn in the economy, you are seeing married men and women looking to partners outside of their relationships.

Cheating websites know that the growth in the infidelity space will continue to grow. So much so that you are starting to see a huge increase in marketing spend behind some of these large brands in the space.

My tip, if you’re going this route, be absolutely certain. Once you start, it will be VERY hard for you to go back to life prior to cheating sites.

Cheating Websites