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The notorious hack last year of Ashley Madison was quite the buzz. Celebrities, politicians, scandal. It was quite the hot button topic for last summer. Now with the 4th of July just passing, a new set of fireworks emerges.

The parent company of Ashley Madison, Avid Life Media, confirmed that it hired a new President and new CEO. Multiple news outlets have reported on this. What the media has taken away from their press release is that the FTC is investigating them, but unaware of the details behind it. Buried in all this were financial numbers, details of bots, yet, the part that is being written about is the FTC.

So what does it all mean? As a stance, no government agency will ever comment on a story. If you look at history, this will always be the case. So it’s no surprise that the media ran with this. But what does it mean, really?

Well, one of the articles mentioned how the FTC fined another dating 600k or so. You would expect some sort of fine to go Ashley Madison’s way. Will consumers care in the end? I don’t think so.

What I think you’ll see happening is more and more dating sites disclosing a hell of a lot more. Kinda like when you see a drug commercial. The amount of disclaimers is insane. You can expect that sort of thing happening here in the very near future.

Cheating Websites

Nowadays, you can’t trust the media. Marketing folks are working with journalists to create “the news”. It’s at such an insane level now, that you simply can’t trust it. So, when you’re looking to have an affair or a discreet relationship, knowing the best dating sites for married women can be tough to really know. Before joining several dating sites, to only have your profile end up God knows where, lets take a deeper look at these affair sites for married women.

The Real Dating Sites for Married Women

  1. Ashley Madison – Close to a year ago, this site became infamous for the hack heard around the world. While many question if there are real women on the site,  the real question is will you actually find the discreet relationship or the secret affair you’re looking for. The answer believe it or not is yes

Now don’t get me wrong, dating sites for married women are tough. Now, what about in those instances where married women are looking for discreet encounters with other women? Think of it as a discreet W4W relationship. It’s actually more popular that you think. Not only are these women getting their emotional needs meet, they get there physical needs met as well. Plus, no one can keep a secret better than a motivated women.

Sure you can just traditional dating sites, pretend that you’re single, and get that discreet relationship you’re wanting. Ultimately however, someone gets hurt. Instead of lying and pretending to want something that you don’t, be part of a community where honesty and being straight forward is actually looked up upon!

Cheating Websites

When it comes to dating sites, there are thousands of them out there. What many don’t realize is how many married people look to dating sites to have an affair. Add in the growth of dating apps, you have men and women constantly lying about their personal situation in the hopes of have a private affair.  This growth has also to this list of best dating sites for married people.

Best Dating Sites for Married People

Arrangement Dating – to many these are known as sugar daddy  / sugar baby relationships. When it comes to dating sites for married men, this is the most ideal scenario. Where discretion is of utmost importance, being able to convey they’re married to their “sugar baby” is acceptable. Actually it’s been sought after as the woman is getting a financial incentive to be in this discreet relationships. The same is true for women. Dating sites for married women still look at arrangement sites for a different reason. While married, they are looking for some financial freedom that allows them to break away from their partner. For others, it’s simply an escape from their every day lives.

On the surface, an arrangement site is nothing more than a rich man wanting to date a younger gold digger. That line of thinking stopped once Kanye West’s dropped his lyrics of “she ain’t nothing but a gold digger”. Since then, sugar sites have changed. The women are more educated, the men are younger and still successful. An additional element is the affair side. Women and men are looking for more out of dating sites, not just a hookup. The more elements involved, the more important those dating sites are to those individuals. This holds the case the married people now more than ever. If the infamous Ashley Madison hack taught us anything, it’s that men and women are looking for affairs now more than ever. What’s changed and is constantly evolving is the way these men and women find these affairs.

Cheating Websites

The notorious hack of Ashley Madison last summer was quite the rage all over the media. While it was quite the frenzy, the fact still remains that there’s an all time high of men and women looking to cheat.  Let’s face it, these men and women are still turning to cheating sites to find that discreet partner, they are just being smarter about their identity.

I won’t go into the reasons why people cheat as these reasons are obvious. But what is quite interesting is that even after a massive dating site hack, people are still turning to cheating sites now more than ever.

When a man and woman cheat, they are obviously looking for something that is missing. Well, what happens when it’s more than one thing missing. Sexual, financial, emotional, it’s not just one thing many times. As a result, men and women looking to alternatives to cheating sites to get a multitude of areas covered.

Just like human evolution, relationships and cheating evolves. No one would have thought 15 years ago that you’d have dating sites, let alone cheating sites and now sugar daddy sites.

Cheating Websites

You start seeing all these fluffy lovey-dovey commercials on TV now surrounding Valentine’s Day. You even start seeing traditional dating sites offer free communication weekends to help you get a partner for Valentine’s Day. It’s the media and society’s way of telling you no one should be alone for Valentine’s Day, under any scenario. As if being with anyone is better than being alone on Valentine’s Day. What a bunch of bull! Why is that you don’t see cheater sites advertise? They don’t need to as the natural let down of Valentine’s Day for the married folk makes their eye wonder more than ever.

Perhaps your newly single. You start asking yourself how do i date again. Ask these people their feelings on Valentine’s Day and you will see it’s the complete opposite. Once you lived it, you see how much of a false the day is.

In short, don’t fall for the fallacy behind Valentine’s Day. If anything, if you’re looking to actually help someone else on Valentine’s Day, make a married woman’s or man’s day by engaging with them on a cheating website. I know, not exactly what you have in mind. Thing is, the media never reports on this as it’s not the story they want to tell. At the end of the day, it is precisely the thing that’s going on.

Using a cheating website can simply be a fantasy outlet to engage with someone that is going through a similar issue. At times it leads to a physical affair, but many times, people looking to cheat simply need someone they can chat with about their issue. What no better to discuss this with than with someone that can lend a helpful ear, without judgement, and the possibility of it leading into something more.

So whatever you do, don’t say Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone in 2016!


Cheating Websites

Let’s face it, millions of men and women were sweating for months with the infamous hack that happened this summer. Everyone fell in love with the idea of a cheating website that would find you the affair of a lifetime, without you ever getting caught. All you had to do was pay them. Simple right? Well, let’s just say not even close.

There was a time, not that long ago, that having an affair was something no one talked about (go figure). With the media making it front and center, throwing in some celebrity cheats, you had the making of a huge juicy story. Fast forward to present day, cheaters are looking to be discreet now more than ever. The days of entrusting everything with a website are long gone. So what’s happened? Men and women looking to cheat have simply gotten smarter about it.

How Not to Get Caught Cheating

Sure, we live in an online world. Everything’s digital. However, there are some low-tech old fashion ways of staying under the radar. For one, pre-paid debit cards. Add money onto a pre-paid card and never worry about that card being exposed. Or, using a PO box instead of a work or home address. Your address is now never exposed. Use a disposable number verses your actual or work number (same goes for email). These basics are all in your control, having nothing to do with a cheating website that could blow up your world.

So the ultimate lesson learned is to have a plan in place that has nothing to do a website or app. Pretend all the information your about to enter into a site was printed on the front page of your local newspaper. Or better yet, was emailed to your partner. Would they know it’s you? If not, you are good to enjoy the cheating site in a way you seem fit. If not, keep working on that discreet plan asap!

Cheating Websites

It’s not secret that apps have taken over our universe. Whether you love your iPhone or prefer Android for your smart phone, apps are consuming our daily lives. It’s no surprise that men and women are spending more time on the mobile phones than they are their desktops. When it comes to cheating though, are cheating sites better than cheating apps? Well, it all kinda depends.

With cheating apps, there’s a huge convenience factor. You have the ability to access it discreetly in a unique amount of places. The bathroom, on a train, or simply waiting in line somewhere. The downside can be a glaring one for those in relationships. Your partner easily has access to your phone. Sure, you can put a lock on the phone, but it’s incredibly difficult to hide things on your phones without making your partner suspicious. The way I look at it, how important is it to you to NOT get caught? For many, this is rather critical In these cases, I’d suggest to not use cheating apps. If this is irrelevant for you, that you 100% want to use them.

The other side is the desktop version of a cheating site. I’ve always been a fan of a bigger screen. Just easier when it comes to communication and enlarging images. I mean, you’re not looking for a discrete relationship with just anyone. Being able to be on the same page in many components is what makes a discreet relationship successful on many fronts.


Cheating Websites

When the Ashley Madison hack hit the media in July, there was nonstop coverage for 45 straight days. It was relentless. Which celebrity is on it. Politicians too? Wait, my neighbor? OMG I just can’t stop reading about it. This about sums up the summer for the tabloid person. Fast forward to present day, and what you’re seeing is a very interesting landscape. So the question that I wanted to answer involves these cheating sites. Are the best cheating websites in the marketplace actually growing?

Lets look at the broader market. If you’re in the market for a discreet relationship, the last thing your going to do in 2015 (even after post hack) is join a traditional online dating site. Well I mean, you’d be insanely foolish to join, pretend you were single, have a one sided affair, then run a gigantic risk of the other party flipping out on you (and your partner, your employee, and your family). So let’s be clear, society will ALWAYS need cheating websites.

The next issue to handle is from a man’s perspective. Are there real women on the best cheating websites out there? What post Ashley Madison hack has taught us is real simple, women go where the money is. The hack actually gave some validity for women that never heard of the site.

The end result will show you an insane rush of females joining these cheating sites. After all, everyone simply got smarter. While you might chat online, it’s much briefer. The fantasy of chatting all day and never meeting is gone. No one wants to waste their time and no one wants to risk it ever getting out. In some weird way, this hack might have been the best thing to ever happen to cheating websites out there.

Think outside the box!

Cheating Websites

The Ashley Madison hack is real after all! Quick background which many are aware of. A month ago, to the day basically, a hacking group threatened Ashley Madison (Avid Life Media) to take down their site or all their membership data will be exposed. Fast forward a month later, sites are still up, now so is the 37+ million membership details!

Since this story is just unfolding, the amount of salacious details that will come out will keep TMZ, Perez Hilton, Late Night talk shows and a slew of other gossip sites busy for years. Think about the array of men and women on the site.  Government workers, police, celebrities, athletes, the gamut is incredibly large. Josh Duggar being one of the first to be outed.

On the flip side, you have everyday men and women on the site. Married, needing to keep this discreet. Partners who will eventually find out and start flipping out on these men (and women, oops). Bitter fights and divorces will occur, lives will be turned upside down, and the amount of law suits across the board will be high as well.

Looking at the data, we see data that shows names, addresses, emails, and passwords. The passwords were highly encrypted, very tough to crack – even though I’m sure if there’s a target someone is after, they will figure out password (hopefully every single user on Ashley Madison changed their password by now). While this type of date doesn’t prove anything, the ones that actually laid down the credit card does. With the last 4 digits on display and IP addresses, you can pretty much guarantee to have a really upset partner.

We will post additional details shortly. Only so many lattes you can drink and type!


Cheating Websites

One month ago, the Ashley Madison hack was released to the world. Overnight, 30 days later, the full list of members were released. Being able to see the data is mind boggling. From what’s been reported and from what we’ve seen, it’s a crazy array of data.

First off, there’s nearly 10 gigs of data. Now that’s an insane amount of data. Sifting through it all with take days and weeks. Various technical reporters are going through it with a fine comb. The media storm is building, but the largest media outlets haven’t even touched it yet. Think about all the celeb, pseudo celebs, C-list celebs, maybe even A-List cells other. TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, will have an field day here.

The data shows name, addresses, emails, passwords (encrypted) and IPs. Now, anyone can use anyone’s email address to signup. So anyone could sign up Donald Trump on Ashley Madison, not necessarily meaning he’s on the site (even though I’m sure every political pundit would love for that to happen). I digress. What’s really invaluable are the credit card transactions. If someone laid down a credit card to be a member, he’s actively messaging women on the site. That, is where the fun begins. Who did he message, what did he say. What does his profile say? The list goes on and on. With 10 gigs of data, it’s a lot to sift through.

Another interesting component is the internal Ashley Madison database documents. Remember when Sony was hacked, one of the large stories was the salary discrepancies. Women getting paid less than male actors. Salary differences between employees. Things like this can rock the core of a company.

At the end of the day though, Ashley Madison is the largest network of discreet encounters out there. Men and women will continue to use a discreet dating a way to fill a void. The Ashley Madison hack will teach the underground world of affairs that you need to be very very careful with your data!

Cheating Websites