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Cheating and divorce statistics are some of the ugliest and most feared numbers you will find on the Internet.  One in five marriages face infidelity and almost half of all marriages end in divorce.  You’re probably asking yourself: what’s the good news?  The good news is that over half of all marriages work even though monogamy, according to the latest scientific studies, is completely unnatural, and only 17% of the marriages affected by infidelity end because of it.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, right?

married4You probably wanted to hear that the rate of infidelity is declining and that the divorce rate is going with it.  Well, the latter is true.  The divorce rate is at its lowest since 1970 and couples are proving that they are taking it seriously and in it for the long haul.  However, the rate of infidelity has not changed much in the time that it has been studied. Approximately 45% of married women will cheat during a long marriage and 60% of married men will.  For the married couples: don’t feel as though you are in this alone.  One in 2.7 of all couples are affected by infidelity.

You are probably hoping right about now that the cheating and divorce statistics have to have a silver lining.  It depends upon the perspective what you would consider a good statistic when it comes to these matters.  Ten percent of all infidelities last only a day, half last more than a month, while an insignificant few make it past the “four year” mark (probably poor consolation to many marriages).  How about it the fact that it is astronomically rare for the cheater to actually marry the person they cheated with?  And for those that actually do they have a higher than average (above 75%) divorce rate.  Some people like that one.

Given the cheating and divorce statistics it is a wonder anyone tries their hand at marriage at all.

Hope is a human trait.  We hope that this will not happen to us.  We hope that our marriage will survive adversity.  We hope our spouse will not stray.  We hope that if they stray they will come back to us.  We hope these things even when the odds are against us.  Hope is a powerful thing.

Still, as hope is human so is the propensity for infidelity.  Humans mess up.  It can be the end of a marriage or, with counseling, a new beginning depending upon how you choose to react to it.  Do you throw the baby out with the bath water?  Do you do this knowing that most of your neighbors are quietly in the same boat?  It is a personal decision how one deal with infidelity.  It is definitely a heart and spirit crusher.  You feel lost, lied to, and in limbo.  You are afraid it will happen again.  It just might even if you are with someone new.  This doesn’t have to be depressing.  Armed with the facts of how and why it happens you can put armor on your marriage or relationship.  Knowing where cheating starts, knowing how to prevent and survive it, these are your best defenses.


Cheating Websites

break_up_with_HimIt seems like with the down economy, divorces are dropping, but one trend that’s climbing is married affairs.  In fact, you might be surprised that lots of couples choose to have this kind of affair and they are actually quite happy in their current situations.  Yep, turns out that in this world of “modern marriage” lots of couples are choosing to have affairs.  So, how does it work and is everyone involved a happy participant?

In some cases, married affairs are more about maintaining the current relationship while gaining much missed sexual satisfaction.  In other cases, this type of affair has more to do with a desire and need to escape a situation that has gone bad.  While there are many affairs that go on when a relationship has hit the skids, so to speak, we’re going to focus on the affairs that go on in good marriages.

Lots of people have different needs and desires.  They feel like there is something that they want sexually, which their spouse might not be willing to provide.  Instead of feeling resentment and a lack of satisfaction with the relationship they do have, many spouses choose to have married affairs.  Why?  It helps to keep the relationship good and both parts happy, and allows the spouse with the different needs to get what they want as well.

Take fetishes for instance:  if you’re into S&M, but your spouse isn’t, you might not feel like asking is a good idea.  You’re married and you’re happy – except for this.  However, you have a fetish, which is hard to control.  So, do you let your relationship and happy life fall apart because of what you can’t control, or do you try to discreetly take care of your needs?  Well, if you’re like lots of people, you choose to have a married affair, indulge your needs and get back to your spouse so you can both be satisfied and happy.

Cheating Websites

Lots of people decide that they want to have a little extramarital affair.  In fact, these days its not uncommon to have a cheating spouse.  If you’re the cheater, it’s likely that you don’t want to end your current relationship and ruin your life; you’re just looking for a little bit of fun and excitement.  This is totally normal, and if it sounds like you, then you need to know where you can go to meet people to hook up with.

Cheating spouses know where to look, do you?
Cheating spouses know where to look, do you?

Most everyone wants to have a good time.  Sometimes, you’re out with your friends and things get a little wild.  Other times, you just need something different and exciting.  Maybe you’re not getting the satisfaction you need at home – maybe you’re out of town.  Whatever, the point is that you’ve got it in your mind and you need to know where you can go to meet others that feel the same as you do.  So, where does one go to meet others just like you who want to hook up?

Instead of heading to the bar and meeting someone that might just ruin your life after a so-so hookup, why not check out one of the great discreet dating sites out there for a change?  Lots of other cheating spouses have discovered these sites and love them:  they hook up, have a great time and go back to life.  No worries, no stress and no stalking – ever.

Yeah, you know it sounds good, but here’s how it works:  you go on one of these sites and find people that are just what you’re looking for.  You get in touch and make sure that you’re both on the same page, and then you arrange to meet.  What happens from there is up to you.  Now you’re wondering where you should go to meet these like minded people aren’t you? You might also want to check out Ashley Madison.  You will also meet lots of people that are just your type and want to have a great time when you visit this site – and the best part is that they know what you want.

If you’re thinking that you might want to be a cheating spouse for a change, then you might want to take a look at doing it the right way.  You can have a great time, and nobody but you will ever know about it, so why haven’t you tried it the right way yet?

Cheating Websites

Does the thought, “I want to cheat on my wife,” ever enter your mind?  Do you ever see that hot young woman and thing how fun it would be to hook up with her, but know that you’d be found out in a heartbeat?  Do you think that if you could just have some great, satisfying encounters with other gorgeous women that you would be a happier man?  Yeah, you’re not alone.  Lots of guys want to hook up with different women; the only thing that stops them is that they are sure they’ll get caught.  Now, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out and it’s easier than you might think.

Where to Cheat on Your Wife?
Where to Cheat on Your Wife?

First of all, you’ve given this thought, so where have you been looking to meet someone to hook up with?  Chances are you’ve looked at the women you work with.  Some of them are hot, sure, but you know this is too close to home.  So, maybe you’ve checked out the pretty college girl at the coffee shop.  Or, maybe it was that young waitress with the gleaming smile?  Everywhere you look, there are so many gorgeous women that would likely want to have a great time with you, but how do you know that they wouldn’t try to ruin your life after you hooked up?

If you want to cheat on your wife, you probably know that you really don’t want to get caught – so that puts most of the ladies that you might consider hooking up with out of reach.  Don’t worry about it – just be smart.  Go to one of the great affair websites out there that cater to people just like you.  When you visit one of these sites, you can feel confident that you’ll meet your type of hot women to hook up with and that there won’t be any side effects – ever.

If you want to have a great time, but don’t want to meet someone that’s going to fall in love or stalk you, then you should check out a site like Ashley Madison.  You’ll find all kinds of gorgeous women and no matter what you’re into, you’ll find that some of them are into it too.  This is a great place to meet your type, have a crazy satisfying encounter and know that your secret will be totally safe.  No stalkers, no crazies, just a great time. Look, if you’re going to cheat on your wife anyway, you might as well make sure that you not only have a great time, but that it’s with someone that is into the same things as you and that won’t say a word.

Cheating Websites