How This Relationship Training App Helps with Affairs

It’s absolutely no surprise that married men & women turn to discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison & when they are looking for affairs. Let’s face it, every single every single relationship has cracks. Perhaps you start off watching more “videos”, flirting a bit more, or simply diving right into an affair. Regardless of your reason, you are not alone. While there are tons of dating apps & cheating websites to help you find someone, there really isn’t anything out there to help you keep someone in your relationship. Enter in Relish, the relationship trainer app.

Self Help Apps are on a Huge Growth Path

It makes complete sense for self help apps to be making a splash in the app scene. Take the meditation app Calm, which recently received unicorn status with a $1B dollar valuation. Head Space is another popular self help app that is on a tear.

As a result, you are seeing a huge surge in apps for self help. Makes sense, cause I mean, have you ever met a married man that actually wants to go a therapist? Sign me up honey!

Relish Relationship App Review

It’s safe to say that the most important relationship in your life is with your wife / husband. If you take that a step further, when things start going south, there’s enough things going on in your life where you will just brush it aside. Relationship training apps like Relish, help you do little things each day / week to keep your relationship on the proper growth path. Let’s dive into this Relish relationship app review.

We all know part of the success to a healthy relationship is communication, but it simply doesn’t happen on its own. Life just gets in the way, putting aside those little things. It’s the little things that destroy the relationship. Sure, affairs get the headlines, but everything that led up to the affair is what caused the issue.

Affairs Get the Headlines, But What Got You There Is More Important

If you followed my blog, you know if the affair route is for you, I’m ok with that. I say this because life is a true journey, one in which leads you down a path that you never anticipated. While some marriages are not meant to work, every single relationship would benefit from having a relationship trainer on your side. Even if you been down the darkest of dark roads, you can improve yourself & your relationship by having a relationship trainer guiding you along the way.

Relish Tip – If you decide to use Relish, the app offers unlimited 1 on 1 personal coaching. Anytime you need to reach out, a personal relationship coach is there for you – specific to your needs. Creating a profile is going to take you a couple minutes, but the personalized plan & unlimited 1 on 1 coaching is worth a try!

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