The Ultimate Guide to Free Ashley Madison Credits

Below is the ultimate guide to Ashley Madison. Everything from getting free Ashley Madison credits to finding Ashley Madison alternatives.

Ashley Madison Credits Explained
How to Get a Free Ashley Madison Credits
Ashley Madison Credit Packages
How to Pay for Ashley Madison Without a Credit Card
Ashley Madison Competitors

Ashley Madison Credits Explained

Most cheating sites allow you to message unlimited women for a set fee a month. Ashley Madison on the other hand, does now. Ashley Madison uses a credit based system. That means, for every time you message someone on Ashley Madison, send a virtual gift, want to unlock a photo, want to receive a message, you are paying an Ashley Madison credit. These credits on Ashley Madison are NOT cheap. It’s a few dollars for every credit. So let’s say you had a bad Friday night & you decided you want to message a bunch of women on Ashley Madison on Saturday. Let’s say you want to message 50 women – after all , it’s a numbers game, do you know how much that will cost you? Depending on the membership you pay, it could cost you a few hundred dollars. For you rich folks, this might be absolutely nothing. I mean, can you put a price on discretion?

How to Get Free Ashley Madison Credits

Get a free Ashley Madison subscription

As mentioned above, all Ashley Madison subscriptions are credit based. If you’re looking to get a free Ashley Madison credits, you have very limited options. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can signup for free. Thing is, if you actually want to message women, it’s going to take money. There is one trick though in helping you get free Ashley Madison credits.

Purchase an Ashley Madison subscription, for instance the cheapest package they have is $49. Blow through the credits then try calling their customer service number. Describe your experience & indicate how you received very little responses or felt that the women didn’t seem real for one reason or another. There’s a good chance they’ll provide you free Ashley Madison credits.

Ashley Madison Credit Packages

When it comes to Ashley Madison credit packages, it’s pretty straight forward.

The $49 package gets you 100 credits ($.49 per credit). The $149 credit package gets you 500 credits ($.30 per credit). The $249 credit package gets you 1,000 credits ($.25 per credit).

How to Pay for Ashley Madison Without a Credit Card

How to pay for Ashley Madison without a credit card

For those that truly need to be discreet, the last thing you want to do is have a lingering credit card transaction that can tie you back to Ashley Madison. Because Ashley Madison is a credit based system, you’re best way to make a payment is through a prepaid credit card. Go to your local convenience store & purchase a prepaid credit card. Make sure you purchase a high enough value to cover all the costs associated to Ashley Madison. Doing it this way, it will avoid all the issues of having a lingering transaction on your credit card statement

Ashley Madison Competitors

When it comes to Ashley Madison competitors, there are a ton of cheating sites out there in the marketplace. In order for a cheating site to work, you need active real women engaging with men. After all, how good is a cheating site of there are 10000 guys to every one active woman.

No Strings Discreet Dating Site

One cheating site that has been on the rise is No Strings caters to those looking to have an affair, but more importantly, has access to the largest database of women seeking discreet encounters. Since having women is critical to your success, it’s certainly a cheating site worth trying.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Ashley Madison Credits
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The Ultimate Guide to Free Ashley Madison Credits
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