Ashley Madison on Netflix Review

So I’m reading about what’s coming on Netflix in February, and low and behold, I see Ashley Madison right on top. Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Cyber Attacks. So of coursed my afternoon got semi distracted with this 45 minute clip.

After going through the 45 minutes, there really wasn’t anything new that I saw. If anything, it was fascinating for all those marketing and entrepreneurial folks.  The craziness how they were able to turn any negative news piece into growth is kinda nuts.

Add to that, the power of a hack & how it halted growth and compounded the spiral down for Avid Life Media (now called ruby). It was something how the Ashley Madison hack was filled with media stories what seemed like forever. Sadly, hacks of other companies since then has pushed this hack to the background.

Hearing people’s stores about finding others they knew on Ashley Madison was something. Safe to say the Hollywood component made this a darling upon no other.


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