Valentine’s Day Spikes Cheater Sites

You start seeing all these fluffy lovey-dovey commercials on TV now surrounding Valentine’s Day. You even start seeing traditional dating sites offer free communication weekends to help you get a partner for Valentine’s Day. It’s the media and society’s way of telling you no one should be alone for Valentine’s Day, under any scenario. As if being with anyone is better than being alone on Valentine’s Day. What a bunch of bull! Why is that you don’t see cheater sites advertise? They don’t need to as the natural let down of Valentine’s Day for the married folk makes their eye wonder more than ever.

Perhaps your newly single. You start asking yourself how do i date again. Ask these people their feelings on Valentine’s Day and you will see it’s the complete opposite. Once you lived it, you see how much of a false the day is.

In short, don’t fall for the fallacy behind Valentine’s Day. If anything, if you’re looking to actually help someone else on Valentine’s Day, make a married woman’s or man’s day by engaging with them on a cheating website. I know, not exactly what you have in mind. Thing is, the media never reports on this as it’s not the story they want to tell. At the end of the day, it is precisely the thing that’s going on.

Using a cheating website can simply be a fantasy outlet to engage with someone that is going through a similar issue. At times it leads to a physical affair, but many times, people looking to cheat simply need someone they can chat with about their issue. What no better to discuss this with than with someone that can lend a helpful ear, without judgement, and the possibility of it leading into something more.

So whatever you do, don’t say Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone in 2016!


Valentine's Day Spikes Cheater Sites
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Valentine's Day Spikes Cheater Sites
Cheaters cheat the highest around Valentine's Day. Why is that?
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Affair Network
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