Are the Best Cheating Websites Growing?

When the Ashley Madison hack hit the media in July, there was nonstop coverage for 45 straight days. It was relentless. Which celebrity is on it. Politicians too? Wait, my neighbor? OMG I just can’t stop reading about it. This about sums up the summer for the tabloid person. Fast forward to present day, and what you’re seeing is a very interesting landscape. So the question that I wanted to answer involves these cheating sites. Are the best cheating websites in the marketplace actually growing?

Lets look at the broader market. If you’re in the market for a discreet relationship, the last thing your going to do in 2015 (even after post hack) is join a traditional online dating site. Well I mean, you’d be insanely foolish to join, pretend you were single, have a one sided affair, then run a gigantic risk of the other party flipping out on you (and your partner, your employee, and your family). So let’s be clear, society will ALWAYS need cheating websites.

The next issue to handle is from a man’s perspective. Are there real women on the best cheating websites out there? What post Ashley Madison hack has taught us is real simple, women go where the money is. The hack actually gave some validity for women that never heard of the site.

The end result will show you an insane rush of females joining these cheating sites. After all, everyone simply got smarter. While you might chat online, it’s much briefer. The fantasy of chatting all day and never meeting is gone. No one wants to waste their time and no one wants to risk it ever getting out. In some weird way, this hack might have been the best thing to ever happen to cheating websites out there.

Think outside the box!

Are the Best Cheating Websites Growing?
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Are the Best Cheating Websites Growing?
Cheating websites are spoken about everywhere, but are the best ones rising to the top?
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