The Details of the Ashley Madison Database

The Ashley Madison hack is real after all! Quick background which many are aware of. A month ago, to the day basically, a hacking group threatened Ashley Madison (Avid Life Media) to take down their site or all their membership data will be exposed. Fast forward a month later, sites are still up, now so is the 37+ million membership details!

Since this story is just unfolding, the amount of salacious details that will come out will keep TMZ, Perez Hilton, Late Night talk shows and a slew of other gossip sites busy for years. Think about the array of men and women on the site.  Government workers, police, celebrities, athletes, the gamut is incredibly large. Josh Duggar being one of the first to be outed.

On the flip side, you have everyday men and women on the site. Married, needing to keep this discreet. Partners who will eventually find out and start flipping out on these men (and women, oops). Bitter fights and divorces will occur, lives will be turned upside down, and the amount of law suits across the board will be high as well.

Looking at the data, we see data that shows names, addresses, emails, and passwords. The passwords were highly encrypted, very tough to crack – even though I’m sure if there’s a target someone is after, they will figure out password (hopefully every single user on Ashley Madison changed their password by now). While this type of date doesn’t prove anything, the ones that actually laid down the credit card does. With the last 4 digits on display and IP addresses, you can pretty much guarantee to have a really upset partner.

We will post additional details shortly. Only so many lattes you can drink and type!


The Details of the Ashley Madison Database
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The Details of the Ashley Madison Database
The Ashley Madison database hack was incredibly far reaching.
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