The Established Men Hack – Some Insights

We all know the Ashley Madison hack that occurred this past weekend has taken up the news circuit.  The group of hackers were not only demanding the cheating site of Ashley Madison to be taken down, but also the sugar daddy site Established Men. The Established Men hack is a bit odd in my view, until you look at it from a different angle.

This is an interesting demand. Sugar daddies, sugar babies, who cares right? Well, here’s the thing. On one side, a decent percentage of sugar daddies are married, hence raising the blackmail value of the members. On the other side, you have anti sex work activists that are lumping this in the prostitution bucket.

When you combine groups and organizations that are against such rights, you start putting a blackmail value on the database. Now, if these men and women were smart, they used some secondary data on signup. For instance: fake name, prepaid credit cards, PO Box, not their home line, etc.

The Established Men Hack - Some Insights
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The Established Men Hack - Some Insights
The Established Men hack showed us some details about the sugar daddy world.
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