The Perfect Trifecta Affair

When it comes to affairs, there are several reasons why men and women go down this road.  At the end of the day, it essentially comes out to these three areas. This trifecta is at the core of the largest and best cheating websites out there.

Emotional Affair
Generally geared towards women, here are women looking for affairs as they feel emotionally neglected. While some turn to girlfriends, many prefer the company of a man that will give them the emotional connection they are missing. This affair as generally the beginning of what turns into the trifecta affair

Sexual Affair
This is the staple of most affairs. Every single marriage hits a sex rut, which in turns develops into a sexual affair. Think about it, the thought of your parents having sex makes you cringe. They too use to have sex, but at some point just stopped. Regardless of age, we are all sexual being. While many will turn to self gratification, a growing need to be with another physical body is so large that it overtakes the need for an affair

Financial Affair
Most never think about this affair as relevant. Thing is, in every marriage, most fights occur due to money and sex. The money part, causes a huge amount of fights. For these relationships, if there were additional funds, the relationship would be right on track. Think of it like the movie Indecent Proposal, but with a modern twist.

Regardless of the trifecta of affairs, knowing which one resonates with you will allow you to approach the proper counter part on cheating sites like Ashley Madison.

The Perfect Trifecta Affair
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The Perfect Trifecta Affair
There are 3 main components for the perfect affair.
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