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It’s absolutely no surprise that married men & women turn to discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison & when they are looking for affairs. Let’s face it, every single every single relationship has cracks. Perhaps you start off watching more “videos”, flirting a bit more, or simply diving right into an affair. Regardless of your reason, you are not alone. While there are tons of dating apps & cheating websites to help you find someone, there really isn’t anything out there to help you keep someone in your relationship. Enter in Relish, the relationship trainer app.

Self Help Apps are on a Huge Growth Path

It makes complete sense for self help apps to be making a splash in the app scene. Take the meditation app Calm, which recently received unicorn status with a $1B dollar valuation. Head Space is another popular self help app that is on a tear.

As a result, you are seeing a huge surge in apps for self help. Makes sense, cause I mean, have you ever met a married man that actually wants to go a therapist? Sign me up honey!

Relish Relationship App Review

It’s safe to say that the most important relationship in your life is with your wife / husband. If you take that a step further, when things start going south, there’s enough things going on in your life where you will just brush it aside. Relationship training apps like Relish, help you do little things each day / week to keep your relationship on the proper growth path. Let’s dive into this Relish relationship app review.

We all know part of the success to a healthy relationship is communication, but it simply doesn’t happen on its own. Life just gets in the way, putting aside those little things. It’s the little things that destroy the relationship. Sure, affairs get the headlines, but everything that led up to the affair is what caused the issue.

Affairs Get the Headlines, But What Got You There Is More Important

If you followed my blog, you know if the affair route is for you, I’m ok with that. I say this because life is a true journey, one in which leads you down a path that you never anticipated. While some marriages are not meant to work, every single relationship would benefit from having a relationship trainer on your side. Even if you been down the darkest of dark roads, you can improve yourself & your relationship by having a relationship trainer guiding you along the way.

Relish Tip – If you decide to use Relish, the app offers unlimited 1 on 1 personal coaching. Anytime you need to reach out, a personal relationship coach is there for you – specific to your needs. Creating a profile is going to take you a couple minutes, but the personalized plan & unlimited 1 on 1 coaching is worth a try!


When it comes to escorts, men loved going to Backpage. Once Backpage shut down, the question became “Where do married men turn to if they want it right now”. Enter in the alternative to Backpage with Bedpage

Alternative to Backpage
Are Bedpage Escorts Legit?
Should I use a Cheating Site or Escort Site?

Alternative to Backpage

It’s no secret that men will still look for escorts now that Backpage is gone. It took a little while for married guys to figure out where to go, but now they found it with Bedpage. Sure, it doesn’t have the volume that Backpage had, but does it matter? At the end of the day, a man looking for an escort can simply go to Bedpage & meet a girl to fuck within minutes. The question really is, how long will this site be up before it’s shut down again. Considering it’s a Canadian company, at least according to google searching, Bedpage is still playing with fire.

Are Bedpage Escorts Legit?

The only true way to know if Bedpage escorts are legit is simple – do the women actually email you back (or call you back). Bedpage is having a very similar feeling to Backpage when Craigslist shut down. If you remember, Craigslist was the place to go when it came to escorts – particularly for married men. When Craigslist voluntarily shut down, Backpage emerged as the leader. Backpage just go so incredibly large and didn’t do a good enough job policing its own site, that the government got involved & shut them down.

Should I use a Cheating Site or Escort Site?

I get it, I really do. Using an escort from an escort site like Bed Page is incredibly tempting. You’re in a sexless marriage and are extremely frustrated. The thought of getting an escort to your hotel room when you’re on business is just too tempting. While many men could get past the guilt of doing this , what you can’t get pass the guilt of is getting any kind of STD. Ultimately, you will not be able to hide this . To make matters worse, simply assume every single escort carries an STD, it’s just a matter of which one they have. For a married man, this is the absolute worse thing to bring into your marriage.

If you’re still looking for Backpage alternatives like Bedpage, be sure you are fully informed of the actual risks you are taking.

Cheating Websites

Below is the ultimate guide to Ashley Madison. Everything from getting free Ashley Madison credits to finding Ashley Madison alternatives.

Ashley Madison Credits Explained
How to Get a Free Ashley Madison Credits
Ashley Madison Credit Packages
How to Pay for Ashley Madison Without a Credit Card
Ashley Madison Competitors

Ashley Madison Credits Explained

Most cheating sites allow you to message unlimited women for a set fee a month. Ashley Madison on the other hand, does now. Ashley Madison uses a credit based system. That means, for every time you message someone on Ashley Madison, send a virtual gift, want to unlock a photo, want to receive a message, you are paying an Ashley Madison credit. These credits on Ashley Madison are NOT cheap. It’s a few dollars for every credit. So let’s say you had a bad Friday night & you decided you want to message a bunch of women on Ashley Madison on Saturday. Let’s say you want to message 50 women – after all , it’s a numbers game, do you know how much that will cost you? Depending on the membership you pay, it could cost you a few hundred dollars. For you rich folks, this might be absolutely nothing. I mean, can you put a price on discretion?

How to Get Free Ashley Madison Credits

Get a free Ashley Madison subscription

As mentioned above, all Ashley Madison subscriptions are credit based. If you’re looking to get a free Ashley Madison credits, you have very limited options. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can signup for free. Thing is, if you actually want to message women, it’s going to take money. There is one trick though in helping you get free Ashley Madison credits.

Purchase an Ashley Madison subscription, for instance the cheapest package they have is $49. Blow through the credits then try calling their customer service number. Describe your experience & indicate how you received very little responses or felt that the women didn’t seem real for one reason or another. There’s a good chance they’ll provide you free Ashley Madison credits.

Ashley Madison Credit Packages

When it comes to Ashley Madison credit packages, it’s pretty straight forward.

The $49 package gets you 100 credits ($.49 per credit). The $149 credit package gets you 500 credits ($.30 per credit). The $249 credit package gets you 1,000 credits ($.25 per credit).

How to Pay for Ashley Madison Without a Credit Card

How to pay for Ashley Madison without a credit card

For those that truly need to be discreet, the last thing you want to do is have a lingering credit card transaction that can tie you back to Ashley Madison. Because Ashley Madison is a credit based system, you’re best way to make a payment is through a prepaid credit card. Go to your local convenience store & purchase a prepaid credit card. Make sure you purchase a high enough value to cover all the costs associated to Ashley Madison. Doing it this way, it will avoid all the issues of having a lingering transaction on your credit card statement

Ashley Madison Competitors

When it comes to Ashley Madison competitors, there are a ton of cheating sites out there in the marketplace. In order for a cheating site to work, you need active real women engaging with men. After all, how good is a cheating site of there are 10000 guys to every one active woman.

No Strings Discreet Dating Site

One cheating site that has been on the rise is No Strings caters to those looking to have an affair, but more importantly, has access to the largest database of women seeking discreet encounters. Since having women is critical to your success, it’s certainly a cheating site worth trying.

Cheating Websites

It’s no secret that cheating sites have had quite the roller coaster ride. When Ashley Madison got hacked in the summer of 2015 (can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years ago!), cheating sites got put onto the national radar in a gigantic way. While the methods & hack brought a significant amount of negative light on the scene, it also brought in awareness that many didn’t know existed. Men & women from all walks of life, from the wife next door to powerful politicians & celebs, were going to discreet dating sites to find an affair. Fast forward to 2019 & you are seeing a growth of cheating sites in a very different light. With the up and comer onto the scene, you are seeing a new twist in the cheating landscape. Reviews

The tagline for is “Because every lasting marriage needs an affair”. Kinda ballsy but it you think about it, every relationship or marriage gets to a point where the sex life diminishes. Unfortunately in our society, the truth behind this topic is never discussed. The media will report the engagement, the affair, the divorce. It will not discuss what led to the divorce. 95% of the time, couples simply aren’t having sex anymore. I’m not just talking about your 75 year old parents, I’m talking about couples in their 30s and 40s. Read that again, 30s and 40s! That is insanely too young to not have sex anymore.

There are thousands of reason why couples stop having sex. What needs to happen is an open and direct conversation. What you’ll find, believe it or not, is that it’s ok to stray from your partner. The tricky part, do you tell them or not. Now, if you’re in a sexless marriage & you have a discreet partner, you’re in a better mood. If your partner finds out, she might be incredibly angry or hurt. But , if the marriage is sexless, will it doom your marriage? It won’t be the fact that you had an affair, it’s that she didn’t know.

So enter in It’s part of the Adult Friend Finder network of sites which has the absolute largest database of cheating spouses out there. By having direct access to partners looking for discretion, you are not only increases you chances, but you’re finding someone that understand EXACTLY what you’re going through. By valuing discretion, you’re able to have an affair of a lifetime!

How Much Does Cost?

Everyone knows that discretion doesn’t come for free. In fact, can you trust discretion if it there isn’t a cost to pay? The access to discreet partners is invaluable when you consider the consequences. If you’re looking to be a paid member of, you can get memberships as low as $25 with unlimited messaging. That’s key here as many cheating sites charge you by credits, even if that person on the other side does not reply (or isn’t even a real woman!).

Will I Hookup on

Like any encounter, it all comes down to access to the right partner at the right time. By having access to the largest database of women looking for discretion, your upside is huge. Having an accurate profile & being upfront with whom you’re communicating with is key. From there, anything from emotional to physical encounters can happen in no time.

Cheating Websites

Heated Affairs is a cheating site that caters to the world of affairs. Below, you’ll get some background & details that you won’t see anywhere else

Heated Affairs Background
Heated Affairs Reviews
Heated Affairs Tips
Heated Affairs Membership
Heated Affairs Alternatives

Heated Affairs Background

The area of cheating websites have been a growing niche in the online dating community for over a decade now. It hasn’t been until the last few years that affair dating has been incredibly popular. With a high divorce rate, multiple marriages, open marriages, you are seeing cheating sites continue to climb in the affair world. With the popularity in this underground world, comes cheating sites that are more relevant than others. One of the quietest cheating sites on the rise today is Heated Affairs. Below are our thought on Heated Affairs reviews.

Heated Affairs Reviews

Heated Affairs is a cheating site that is growing at a rapid rate. With millions of members, the cheating website caters to both men & women unlike many other cheating websites in the dating space. The reason many haven’t heard about it is their marketing approach. They are doing crazy PR stunts or billboard campaigns that get your attention. Instead, you have this underground community of members referring members into the site. This word of mouth approach is what has cause this community to be a hotbed of affair activities.

When you look at Heated Affairs from a price standpoint, it’s one of the lowest in the industry. Starting at $15 a month, it’s not wonder that the discreet dating community has taken to this cheating site in masses. If you’re interested in trying this affair site out, be sure to do the following.

Heated Affairs Tips

  1. Open Communication – be upfront & honest about your situation & what you’re looking for. Translation , if you’re married and looking, state that. Don’t say you just got divorced
  2. Respect boundaries – many people who are looking to start the affair side, go at it at different speeds. Some need more of the emotional connection than the physical
  3. Discretion – respect the need for discretion of all members. You truly never know someone’s situation. As so, you need to be discreet & private with all your interaction.

Free Heated Affairs Membership

Joining Heated Affairs is essentially free for everyone, that is, until you decide you truly want to start messaging women. Unlike other credit based systems, where you have to pay for every single message you send, Heated Affairs allows you to send unlimited messages. This is huge as you get to really increase your chances, without paying a for every single message. In order to get a Free Heated Affairs membership, you need to realize that it’s already free outside of messaging.

Heated Affairs Alternatives

There are several cheating sites out there in the marketplace. When it comes to Heated Affairs alternatives, there’s really only 2 that we tend to speak of

  1. – Has access to the largest database of women looking for discreet partners. Combined with a flat membership fee, you get to message an unlimited amount of women without incurring the huge fees.
  2. – Has been around forever, became insanely popular during the Ashley Madison hack in 2015. The biggest negative wasn’t the hack, it’s their credit based system. By being credit based, you are paying for every single message you send & receive. If you can stomach that, then you’ll have some access to women.


If you’re interested in learning more, check out Heated Affairs here.

Cheating Websites

For as long as I could remember, married men always pretended to single when they had an affair. The largest issue with this is obvious – someone always gets hurts. If the single woman thought the single man is indeed married, she will cause his life hell. What married man wants that to happen.

Fast forward to a few years ago when men started loving to use cheating websites. Think, you could find a woman that was ok that you’re married and seeking to cheat. Awesome right! Only that most cheating websites never lived up to the  hype. Everything from fake women and bots to affairs that never materialized. It seemed men seeking affairs were stuck. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Enter in sugar daddy sites.

Sugar daddy sites is exactly what it sounds like: older men seeking relationships with younger women. Well, this is how the original interpretation was. Now fast forward to the spring of 2018, men and women forming mutually beneficial arrangements. The largest upside to these arrangements is the up front communication. For men seeking affairs, this is incredible. The fear of their wife finding out goes away, all it takes is for you to form a mutually beneficial arrangement on a sugar daddy site.


Cheating Websites

Ever since the Ashley Madison hack in 2015, cheating websites have had a difficult time. Not only do these sites not get the media coverage they use to, many of them aren’t spending the marketing dollars as they use to. As a result, what you see are less qualified men and qualified real women using cheating websites. While some might dip their feet, many are committing to these cheating sites as they use to in the past. It seems that is about to change with a sugar baby site that is out of beta with

What is

On the surface, Sugar Search is more than a sugar baby site. The sites markets itself to “Find You the Ultimate Arrangement”. When you do some digging, you’ll find that they not only cater to sugar baby sugar daddy relationships, but they cater to affairs & discretion quite openly. You never see a sugar baby site do this. Generally you’re a cheating website or your a sugar daddy site, you’re never both. Thing is, it makes sense. Most men who are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement are married or in a relationship. It should come across as a no brainer, but most often , the simple things are.

Lets go a step further. The premise of a mutually beneficial arrangement is for two people (sometimes more) to communicate what they’are looking for in their arrangement. When it comes to someone looking for an affair, most often than not, that married individual is hiding that he/she is married. This is a HUGE mistake that more often than not comes back to bite you. Since the key for a successful arrangement is communication, while the reverse of a an affair is scared to tell anyone, Sugar Search is catering to a true need in the marketplace.

Cheating Websites

Single women look at dating a couple different ways, so do married cheaters. There has been this society shift in which married cheaters dating single women is ok now. In order to really grasp this, you need to look at this from both sides.

Married Cheaters Dating Single Women

Single Woman’ POV

Whether you’re looking for love, lust or anything in between, single women have tons of options. Where things get interesting is “anything in between”. Essentially, there are tons of single women that will get paid to date. No I don’t mean anything illegal or scandalous, but these women will allow themselves to earn money or benefits in order to date certain men. If you look at it from this standpoint, married cheaters dating single women is an ideal group of guys that will pay many for discretion. It’s exactly way married cheaters flock to discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison to get the discreet encounter they’re after. Additionally, it’s exactly why single women look to cheating websites to get paid to day

Married Man’s POV

Before passing judgement, you need to understand the point of view. When it comes to a married man, there are several reasons why he decides cheating is the best answer for him. I’m not here to debate why this is right or wrong, but ultimately, it’s s decision he feels is in his best interest. This married man also knows cheating comes with some dire consequences if he gets caught. This is precisely why married cheaters dating single women is an ideal spot. These men have no issues paying for discretion, while these single women have no issues benefiting from the discretion.

So there you have it, the amount of cheater out there who are married & looking to date is bigger than you think. While the term date is used loosely, this comes across more as a mutually beneficial arrangement with a cheaters benefit.

Cheating Websites

When it comes to hurricanes, we all know the power of these natural disasters. Take a look at Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, and you will see some devastating footage. In addition to hearing horrible stories, everyone around the country becomes glued into media to get constant updates.

Truth is, all natural disasters bring us closer together. The flip side to this that is never discussed: hightened tension. When tension is running high, arguments and fights occur. All those “good guys” that would never cheat on their wives are now brought the point that they will. Remember, with chaos comes opportunity. In this case, spending so much tense time with your wife and family will actually have you want to fill a void. Realizing you’re in a sexless marriage is one thing, but when you find yourself constantly fantasizing about  it, you just need an extra nudge to get you there.

Be warned however. Once you have your first affair, one of two things will happen. You will be so hooked on the rush and fulfillment that an affair brings, that you will constantly be looking for the affair – kinda like a high. On the flip side, you can feel so guilty that you had this affair that you’ll wind up confessing to your spouse. We all know the “natural disaster” that can bring.

So while you’re past the hurricane of Harvey and Irma to a degree, remember that crossing that affair lines can change you . If you believe you are ok with that, then be sure to be smart and discreet with your choices. Use cheating sites like Ashley Madison, use fake email addresses that you don’t access on your phone, and use a number other than your cell to give out.

Cheating Websites

It is not uncommon to come across married men seeking a relationship with married woman. Not just the celebrities like films stars, industrialists, politicians, sportsmen, authors but the common man also is also having extra marital affairs or just flings. This sort of behavior is not only common, but the world is becoming immune to the stories of men cheating on their wives and wives cheating on their husbands

It may just start with an innocent friendship or even an acquaintance and one day cross the line over to extramarital relationship. It may also be called by other names such as infidelity, adultery or even cheating on the spouse. While the wife may accept or even tolerate once in a while a hug or even a kiss with other woman but may threaten the sanctity of the existing relationship or marriage if it happens too often. If the meetings, interactions or kissing progresses farther to more intimate kind of relationship it is sure to ruin the marriage or primary relationship

There have been numerous surveys which have been carried out to measure the rate of extramarital cases among the couples but rather than going into the statistics suffice it would be say that the reported infidelity hovers around 13 % with the peak of 20% occurring for couples in their 40s.

Similarly the reasons why married men seek for married women are many and varied. The most frequent three to four basic reasons for a married man to seek for a married – you must have guessed it – had to do with sex, connection or validation and then true love. So, let us explore the reasons why married men seek for married women.

Emotional Satisfaction

For one reason or other, there may be lack of mutual understanding in the primary relationship. The husband may not feel emotional connect or feel lack of respect that he as the partner deserves. This lack of emotional satisfaction could be a compelling reason for men seeking emotional intimacy with another woman. Here physical intimacy may or may not be there.

Another variation to this could be men seeking emotional validation from someone else since the existing partners have been too busy with their individual priorities. Drifting apart over a period of time, the partners fail to acknowledge the needs that both have in their relationship. For instance, giving and receiving appreciation and emotional support are key factors in the emotional connection that partners feel toward each other.

Just for Fun

Even in a happy marriage, it is possible for married men to have a roving eye or even crave affection from a married woman. It is quite possible that one or both the partners involved can’t control their lust, this usually starts with locking of eyes followed by a casual affair and it quickly leads to an affair. After all, it’s not surprise that sex changes once your married. A better way to kill sex all together with your partner is having kids. Once kids are born, affairs skyrocket. It’s one of the biggest reasons why cheating sites like Ashley Madison exist & prosper, even after being hacked.

If caught or confronted, the logic usually given by such men is that just because someone is married does not mean that they can’t love someone married too.

Ego Boost

Whatever were the reasons and circumstances that connected the married man to a married woman, he now starts enjoying it.  I mean, there’s an incredible rush that occurs with a new woman that no longer occurs with your wife. That first touch, that moment of being wanted, all these emotions are feelings you no longer have with your wife. Once the intimacy starts, it truly is a rush unlike no other. Granted, most married men feel guilt after having an affair. Which is why I’ve always believed that having an affair is not for everyone.

 Change in Socio Economic Status

Consider a married man who hails from a very modest background. Starting from the poorest strata of the society, he has used all his energy to educate himself, make a decent career. He has moved from a village or a small town to a metro town where is now seeking to establish himself with an idea of making a handsome income and carving a place for himself. But most striking aspect of his life is that he lacks connections to establish an identity.

The answer to his prayers comes in the form of a married woman who not only is well connected but can also be the one who is more caring, compromising and understanding towards the man. There is excellent communication between them leading to a good rapport. She caring, compromising and understanding towards the man. Of course, if left unchecked it will lead to a love affair and an extra marital affair.


The most important foundation of a marriage or the relationship is mutual trust. The other partner’s is his and her commitment, character and faithfulness are the flavors of the mutual trust. Hell can break loose if one discovers that his or her partner is cheating. How the husband reacts to such a situation depends on a number of situational, psychological and social factors. But in a relationship that is suffering, the desire to hurt the partner who is cheating seems to be one of the options available to the husband. He tries to seek a revenge by himself doing exactly the same – as he thinks it is OK to counter one wrong with another wrong.

Total Package

Consider the situation or circumstances where the married man meets a married woman and is bowled over totally by not just one but by the combination of many of the reasons given above. It could be her beauty, her personality, her brain, her social status, some mysterious charm of her and he wants her to be a part of his life now. He can’t think of his future without her!!

Cheating Websites & It’s Rise

The reason cheating websites are on the rise is simple, access. By having access to women, men can live out the fantasy of having an affair. Sometimes, that’s all a man needs. He just needs to know that he could have an affair if he wanted to. Sometimes the mental stimulation by having an online affair is enough. For others, this online connection leads to the physical act of having an affair. If you’re going down this road, be sure to think with the right head! Whatever you do, you need to be discreet and smart about the adventure that lays before you.

Cheating Websites