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The area of cheating websites have been a growing niche in the online dating community for over a decade now. It hasn’t been until the last few years that affair dating has been incredibly popular. With a high divorce rate, multiple marriages, open marriages, you are seeing cheating sites continue to climb in the affair world. With the popularity in this underground world, comes cheating sites that are more relevant than others. One of the quietest cheating sites on the rise today is Heated Affairs. Below are our thought on Heated Affairs reviews.

Heated Affairs Reviews

Heated Affairs is a cheating site that is growing at a rapid rate. With millions of members, the cheating website caters to both men & women unlike many other cheating websites in the dating space. The reason many haven’t heard about it is their marketing approach. They are doing crazy PR stunts or billboard campaigns that get your attention. Instead, you have this underground community of members referring members into the site. This word of mouth approach is what has cause this community to be a hotbed of affair activities.

When you look at Heated Affairs from a price standpoint, it’s one of the lowest in the industry. Starting at $15 a month, it’s not wonder that the discreet dating community has taken to this cheating site in masses. If you’re interested in trying this affair site out, be sure to:

  1. Open Communication – be upfront & honest about your situation & what you’re looking for. Translation , if you’re married and looking, state that. Don’t say you just got divorced
  2. Respect boundaries – many people who are looking to start the affair side, go at it at different speeds. Some need more of the emotional connection than the physical
  3. Discretion – respect the need for discretion of all members. You truly never know someone’s situation. As so, you need to be discreet & private with all your interaction.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Heated Affairs here.

Cheating Websites

For as long as I could remember, married men always pretended to single when they had an affair. The largest issue with this is obvious – someone always gets hurts. If the single woman thought the single man is indeed married, she will cause his life hell. What married man wants that to happen.

Fast forward to a few years ago when men started loving to use cheating websites. Think, you could find a woman that was ok that you’re married and seeking to cheat. Awesome right! Only that most cheating websites never lived up to the  hype. Everything from fake women and bots to affairs that never materialized. It seemed men seeking affairs were stuck. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Enter in sugar daddy sites.

Sugar daddy sites is exactly what it sounds like: older men seeking relationships with younger women. Well, this is how the original interpretation was. Now fast forward to the spring of 2018, men and women forming mutually beneficial arrangements. The largest upside to these arrangements is the up front communication. For men seeking affairs, this is incredible. The fear of their wife finding out goes away, all it takes is for you to form a mutually beneficial arrangement on a sugar daddy site.


Cheating Websites

Ever since the Ashley Madison hack in 2015, cheating websites have had a difficult time. Not only do these sites not get the media coverage they use to, many of them aren’t spending the marketing dollars as they use to. As a result, what you see are less qualified men and qualified real women using cheating websites. While some might dip their feet, many are committing to these cheating sites as they use to in the past. It seems that is about to change with a sugar baby site that is out of beta with

What is

On the surface, Sugar Search is more than a sugar baby site. The sites markets itself to “Find You the Ultimate Arrangement”. When you do some digging, you’ll find that they not only cater to sugar baby sugar daddy relationships, but they cater to affairs & discretion quite openly. You never see a sugar baby site do this. Generally you’re a cheating website or your a sugar daddy site, you’re never both. Thing is, it makes sense. Most men who are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement are married or in a relationship. It should come across as a no brainer, but most often , the simple things are.

Lets go a step further. The premise of a mutually beneficial arrangement is for two people (sometimes more) to communicate what they’are looking for in their arrangement. When it comes to someone looking for an affair, most often than not, that married individual is hiding that he/she is married. This is a HUGE mistake that more often than not comes back to bite you. Since the key for a successful arrangement is communication, while the reverse of a an affair is scared to tell anyone, Sugar Search is catering to a true need in the marketplace.

Cheating Websites

Single women look at dating a couple different ways, so do married cheaters. There has been this society shift in which married cheaters dating single women is ok now. In order to really grasp this, you need to look at this from both sides.

Married Cheaters Dating Single Women

Single Woman’ POV

Whether you’re looking for love, lust or anything in between, single women have tons of options. Where things get interesting is “anything in between”. Essentially, there are tons of single women that will get paid to date. No I don’t mean anything illegal or scandalous, but these women will allow themselves to earn money or benefits in order to date certain men. If you look at it from this standpoint, married cheaters dating single women is an ideal group of guys that will pay many for discretion. It’s exactly way married cheaters flock to discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison to get the discreet encounter they’re after. Additionally, it’s exactly why single women look to cheating websites to get paid to day

Married Man’s POV

Before passing judgement, you need to understand the point of view. When it comes to a married man, there are several reasons why he decides cheating is the best answer for him. I’m not here to debate why this is right or wrong, but ultimately, it’s s decision he feels is in his best interest. This married man also knows cheating comes with some dire consequences if he gets caught. This is precisely why married cheaters dating single women is an ideal spot. These men have no issues paying for discretion, while these single women have no issues benefiting from the discretion.

So there you have it, the amount of cheater out there who are married & looking to date is bigger than you think. While the term date is used loosely, this comes across more as a mutually beneficial arrangement with a cheaters benefit.

Cheating Websites

When it comes to hurricanes, we all know the power of these natural disasters. Take a look at Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, and you will see some devastating footage. In addition to hearing horrible stories, everyone around the country becomes glued into media to get constant updates.

Truth is, all natural disasters bring us closer together. The flip side to this that is never discussed: hightened tension. When tension is running high, arguments and fights occur. All those “good guys” that would never cheat on their wives are now brought the point that they will. Remember, with chaos comes opportunity. In this case, spending so much tense time with your wife and family will actually have you want to fill a void. Realizing you’re in a sexless marriage is one thing, but when you find yourself constantly fantasizing about  it, you just need an extra nudge to get you there.

Be warned however. Once you have your first affair, one of two things will happen. You will be so hooked on the rush and fulfillment that an affair brings, that you will constantly be looking for the affair – kinda like a high. On the flip side, you can feel so guilty that you had this affair that you’ll wind up confessing to your spouse. We all know the “natural disaster” that can bring.

So while you’re past the hurricane of Harvey and Irma to a degree, remember that crossing that affair lines can change you . If you believe you are ok with that, then be sure to be smart and discreet with your choices. Use cheating sites like Ashley Madison, use fake email addresses that you don’t access on your phone, and use a number other than your cell to give out.

Cheating Websites

It is not uncommon to come across married men seeking a relationship with married woman. Not just the celebrities like films stars, industrialists, politicians, sportsmen, authors but the common man also is also having extra marital affairs or just flings. This sort of behavior is not only common, but the world is becoming immune to the stories of men cheating on their wives and wives cheating on their husbands

It may just start with an innocent friendship or even an acquaintance and one day cross the line over to extramarital relationship. It may also be called by other names such as infidelity, adultery or even cheating on the spouse. While the wife may accept or even tolerate once in a while a hug or even a kiss with other woman but may threaten the sanctity of the existing relationship or marriage if it happens too often. If the meetings, interactions or kissing progresses farther to more intimate kind of relationship it is sure to ruin the marriage or primary relationship

There have been numerous surveys which have been carried out to measure the rate of extramarital cases among the couples but rather than going into the statistics suffice it would be say that the reported infidelity hovers around 13 % with the peak of 20% occurring for couples in their 40s.

Similarly the reasons why married men seek for married women are many and varied. The most frequent three to four basic reasons for a married man to seek for a married – you must have guessed it – had to do with sex, connection or validation and then true love. So, let us explore the reasons why married men seek for married women.

Emotional Satisfaction

For one reason or other, there may be lack of mutual understanding in the primary relationship. The husband may not feel emotional connect or feel lack of respect that he as the partner deserves. This lack of emotional satisfaction could be a compelling reason for men seeking emotional intimacy with another woman. Here physical intimacy may or may not be there.

Another variation to this could be men seeking emotional validation from someone else since the existing partners have been too busy with their individual priorities. Drifting apart over a period of time, the partners fail to acknowledge the needs that both have in their relationship. For instance, giving and receiving appreciation and emotional support are key factors in the emotional connection that partners feel toward each other.

Just for Fun

Even in a happy marriage, it is possible for married men to have a roving eye or even crave affection from a married woman. It is quite possible that one or both the partners involved can’t control their lust, this usually starts with locking of eyes followed by a casual affair and it quickly leads to an affair. After all, it’s not surprise that sex changes once your married. A better way to kill sex all together with your partner is having kids. Once kids are born, affairs skyrocket. It’s one of the biggest reasons why cheating sites like Ashley Madison exist & prosper, even after being hacked.

If caught or confronted, the logic usually given by such men is that just because someone is married does not mean that they can’t love someone married too.

Ego Boost

Whatever were the reasons and circumstances that connected the married man to a married woman, he now starts enjoying it.  I mean, there’s an incredible rush that occurs with a new woman that no longer occurs with your wife. That first touch, that moment of being wanted, all these emotions are feelings you no longer have with your wife. Once the intimacy starts, it truly is a rush unlike no other. Granted, most married men feel guilt after having an affair. Which is why I’ve always believed that having an affair is not for everyone.

 Change in Socio Economic Status

Consider a married man who hails from a very modest background. Starting from the poorest strata of the society, he has used all his energy to educate himself, make a decent career. He has moved from a village or a small town to a metro town where is now seeking to establish himself with an idea of making a handsome income and carving a place for himself. But most striking aspect of his life is that he lacks connections to establish an identity.

The answer to his prayers comes in the form of a married woman who not only is well connected but can also be the one who is more caring, compromising and understanding towards the man. There is excellent communication between them leading to a good rapport. She caring, compromising and understanding towards the man. Of course, if left unchecked it will lead to a love affair and an extra marital affair.


The most important foundation of a marriage or the relationship is mutual trust. The other partner’s is his and her commitment, character and faithfulness are the flavors of the mutual trust. Hell can break loose if one discovers that his or her partner is cheating. How the husband reacts to such a situation depends on a number of situational, psychological and social factors. But in a relationship that is suffering, the desire to hurt the partner who is cheating seems to be one of the options available to the husband. He tries to seek a revenge by himself doing exactly the same – as he thinks it is OK to counter one wrong with another wrong.

Total Package

Consider the situation or circumstances where the married man meets a married woman and is bowled over totally by not just one but by the combination of many of the reasons given above. It could be her beauty, her personality, her brain, her social status, some mysterious charm of her and he wants her to be a part of his life now. He can’t think of his future without her!!

Cheating Websites & It’s Rise

The reason cheating websites are on the rise is simple, access. By having access to women, men can live out the fantasy of having an affair. Sometimes, that’s all a man needs. He just needs to know that he could have an affair if he wanted to. Sometimes the mental stimulation by having an online affair is enough. For others, this online connection leads to the physical act of having an affair. If you’re going down this road, be sure to think with the right head! Whatever you do, you need to be discreet and smart about the adventure that lays before you.

Cheating Websites

It is safe to presume that the percentage of cases where married men cheat on their spouse is increasing. It is also safe to assume that more married women are cheating today than the married woman of 10 years ago. There are several reasons for the uptick, one in which is easy access to discreet affair sites such as Ashley Madison. Below are 3 key areas on what married women are cheating now more than ever.

  • Boredom
    This occurs in marriages where spouses have careers they uphold. It is the same mundane routine daily. They each get up early, take care of the kids, rush to the office, face the rough and tough world, return home tired and there is no one to talk to and give the emotional support. This is one of the reasons why some married men cheat on their partner.
  • Cheating is no more a shame
    perfidy is as modern as the latest technology. Unlike the more careful and controlled men and women of the old, they are no longer concerned about what others think. They boldly do what pleases their senses. As it is today, nobody would like to miss out on having an extra marital affair.
  • Desire for emotional support and intimacy
    some men claim they cheat because they search for emotional connection. They want to bond with someone who is listening, caring and supportive.
    Gone are the days when the infidelity carried a big public stigma. It is welcome by many. For women, there have been huge societal shift; married woman spends quite a huge number of hours in the company of male colleagues at the office than with her husband. Under these conditions, it is bound to develop further into an extra marital affair.

Remember that a bored married woman today is looking for that emotional and physical connection. While many are looking for this in a man, you will also see an uptick in married women seeking  women. Not the ideal scenario for guys here, but be reminded that a married woman has multiple needs that are neglected. If you’re able to appeal to more than one need, your chances of getting a discreet affair increase dramatically.

Cheating Websites

Monumental hypothesis, gender contrast, stereotype, media allegories and cultural expectations shows that men have more sexual desire than women both in frequency and prevalence.  These same men they  wired to have many partners, have more difficulty with monogamy thus married men are more likely to have extramarital affairs than married women.

Extramarital affairs involve a romantic and emotional relationship that has sexual or sexualized elements. Studies intimate that sexual drive is not the key reason married men have affairs; several married men are sometimes emotionally alone. This leaves them susceptible to attention, assertion and affair complexities. Some men fancy married women; there is just something about them that is so appealing than anything else. Perhaps it’s the way they express a sense of self-esteem or certitude in themselves. It’s the fact that many married women know how to please themselves and the man that they are with.

Why do married people patronizing cheating sites
Experts feel it is because there are many people who crave for sex outside their relationship but wouldn’t have any idea about how to do it or do it safely. Some take up infidelity because they are in sexless marriages with people they love and don’t want to leave because they can’t have sex with their spouse.  Others are arousal addicts for they don’t derive satisfaction in having sex with one person, even if they are in love with them. Also, some just want to spice up their lives.

As anticipated, infidelity sites like Ashley Madison have little time for the argument that they corrupt and destroy homes. The deduction to the rush in adultery sites has resulted to the increase in products that enable distrustful partners to monitor the activities of their spouse. There is an ever-growing depository available to those seeking to unmask the unfaithful ranging from spy cameras to phone apps.

For married men seeking affairs with married women, you have to realise that it is quite difficult to actually meet a married woman to date. However, there are some tricks that you can see just how easy it is to date a married woman. For example, you have to make sure the women you come in contact with wants a relationship with you because it’s easy to date a married woman who is interested in having an affair. Sometimes, once the initial date has taken place, if she is interested in you, she forges ahead to plan your next get together and if you aren’t the type for a serious commitment, then this might be the perfect thing for you. You get to be with a woman who you desire and really connect with.

As the era of married couples is sliding to an all-time low, millions of married men and women are searching online for closure. Instead of marriage counselling, self help, or simply talking marriage problems out, men and women are easing their stress online – all in the form of cheating websites.

According to statistical figures in the record of Marital and Family Therapy, 22 percent of men and 14 percent of women will cheat on their spouses at least once during their marriage. So it is safe to say that infidelity via the Internet has become the new normal. There are now several websites that guarantees extra marital relationships with domain names that are openly direct. Some cheating sites founders’ feels infidelity has always been there. Hence, they provide sites specifically for married individuals.

Here is the flip side to infidelity and cheating sites. This is here to make you look at the side. Unfortunately, sometimes cheating is the only way forward, whether that’s with or without your partner.

Affairs End Painfully
Ineluctably, affairs are exposed and many people suffer. In recent studies over 60 percent of men described feeling guilty after the affair. They suggest that while men might have enjoyed the affair for a while, they tend to feel remorse after their indiscretions.

In the after-effects of an affair such as loss of marriage, men need a psychotherapist to study his behaviour and relationship with his spouse. The betrayed spouse needs support and help in dealing with the damage caused by infidelity, the loss of trust with her partner.

Repair and Renewal
Sometimes infidelity result in divorce. Research has indicated that 27 percent of divorces are due to extramarital affairs. A marriage can survive an affair if both partners want it to work, as several partners have wandered through the guilt and pain to mutually repair and renew their marriage.

If a man can find the feelings and words to win his partner in ways of regret and forgiveness, if he can speak and listen, review the mutual rejection and anger, clarify the sexual needs and trust the love, he may have a marriage to hold on to.

Cheating Websites

When it comes to cheating sites, everyone assumes it’s simply some married guy who’s not getting some at home. So he decides he wants to have an affair. He goes on a cheating site like Ashley Madison, finds his partner, has his affair, cycle complete. What’s wrong with this picture? There are 4 main items wrong with this picture. Cheating websites use to be this hush hush topic. After the Ashley Madison hack and the growth of sugar daddy sites, all that hush hush is out the window. Now, there are several niche communities forming on these affair sites.

  1. It’s not all about guys. Hello, women have affairs too you know. If anything, the percentage growth of women having affairs beats men. Don’t be too shocked. Women have the same ease of access as they had before. Many of these women are successful moms who have the same struggles as married men. If anything, being a mom adds to their need of feeling like a sexy woman again
  2. Married women are having affairs with women. That’s right, not all women need to have an affair with a man. After all, who understands the emotional and physical needs of a woman more than another woman. On top of that, if that woman is married & a mom, watch out. The percentages skyrocket.
  3. Financial Domination – This is an area of affairs that is not spoken about. A submissive man (called pay pig) will have an online relationship with a dominant woman (domme). The pay pig will do everything is his power to please his domme, including payments called tributes. The domme will mentally and financially control the pay pig. This is growing so rapidly worldwide that you’re seeing mainstream media shows & movies cover it now more than ever.
  4. Mental Affair – Many times, guys just want to know that they could have an affair. Look at Anthony Weiner and that whole texting scandal. Men many times will have an online affair relationship, with no intention of meeting up in real life for an affair. The mental stimulation a man receives gives that man the satisfaction that a physical affair would not. For instance, most men carry a sense of guilt after having an affair in real life. Think about it, the moment the act is done, the man feels regret / remorse immediately afterwards. When it comes to having an online affair, all those negative emotions never exist

Cheating websites also have a way of allowing you to live out this alter ago. As I mentioned above, most men feel guilt after an affair. If they never had an affair and are simply fantasizing about it, the leap to actually doing it very tough. Don’t get me wrong, temptation is everywhere & we are all human. Ultimately, it’s about getting the satisfaction you need without having the dire consequences. What the Ashley Madison hack taught everyone looking for discreet relationships is to cover your track. Now, men and women are approaching cheating sites from a protective standpoint, verses going all in with the wrong head!

Cheating Websites

When everything thinks of cheating, the natural reaction is men looking to cheat on their wives or vice versa. You’ll even thinking of married straight men looking to have a discreet encounter with another man. What many do not think about are married women looking to have discreet encounter with another woman. Why is that? Women have the same needs here and ultimately, they keep better secrets then men do. The reason for this is simple, married women are looking for that emotional and physical connection missing in their marriage. Sure, they can reach out to a female friend, but that’s simply not the same. Getting both the physical and emotional part out with another like minded female is growing all across the world.

W4W cheating sites are interesting, there really aren’t ones that explicitly market themselves as that.  You have the cheating site leader of Ashley Madison, but you’ll never see any ads or PR mentioning this. For one, women won’t spend the money on the “fantasy” as men will. On the flip side, women are more serious. If a woman is down to actually looking for a w4w discreet encounter , that woman will ultimately find what she’s looking for. Men on these affair sites, a percentage of them, will only chat. Some simply won’t have the balls to pull it off. Again, just a percentage, not speaking to the majority here.

So what do married women do when they’re looking for a discreet w4w encounter? In short, they join all sorts of dating sites trying to find the relationship they’re after. Some will join lesbian dating sites, but tend to find these women are single – hence not able to connect on the emotional / mental level these women need. As a result, you’ll find these discreet married women looking for women on essentially any dating site. Your best results will be on these catering to cheating websites.

Cheating Websites